Arab master in democracy and
human rights

"Today’s human rights violations are the causes of tomorrow’s conflicts."

Mary Robinson


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The Arab master's programme in Democracy and Human Rights is supported by the European Union, the Danish Institute for Human Rights and a growing network of partner universities from the region and beyond.

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The Global Campus of Human Rights, a Worldwide Network

Our aim is to support the next generation of experts, academics and practitioners and to give them the knowledge, skills and experience needed for building up their competences and professional career.

Our postgraduate programme and its curriculum are designed to meet the needs of students, professionals and experts who want to deepen their knowledge and develop their skills in the field of democratic governance and human rights with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa. It is one of the eight regional programmes of the Global Campus of Human Rights, an organisation supported by the European Union.


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02An Accelerated and a comprehensive track

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03An International Environment

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One-Year Track (75 to 90 ECTS)
1- Core Courses   40 credits
2- Foundational Courses 10 credits
3- Specialisation Courses 10 credits
4- Thesis 20 credits
5- Internship 10 credits


Two-Years Track (120 ECTS)
First Year  
1- Autumn Semester (September to December) 25 credits
2- Winter Period (January) 5 credits
3- Spring Semester (February to May) 30 credits
4- Summer Period (June to July) 7 credits
Second Year  
1- Autumn Semester (September to December) 25 credits
2- Spring Semester (February to May) 22 credits
3- Summer Period (June to September) 6 credits


Global Classroom
Human Rights Week
Field Visits
Field Research
Project Development and Implementation


National Director
National Director
National Director
National Director
National Director

ArMA Arab Master

Arab Master's Program in Democracy and Human Rights


Thirty-Three Countries are already represented in the ArMA Alumni

The Arab master’s programme established its alumni association in 2016. It is part of the Global Campus Alumni association that groups over 3000 alumni from the seven regional programmes.

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