Short Course on Minority Issues and Rights

Minority Rights remains one of the least developed areas in international law related to collective rights. This has prompted the Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues, Fernand de Varennes, to propose a comprehensive universal draft treaty specifically dedicated to the rights of minorities. This course looks into minority rights with a focus on the Arab World. This vast and extremely diverse region hosts a great number of religious and linguistic groups, cultural traditions, local customs, and families of dialects.

This online course brings together international experts, researchers and activists working in the field of minority rights to offer both an international and a regional perspective on Minority Issues: Dr Hani Anouti (Pompeu Fabra University), Dr Anna-Mária Bíro and Ms Evelin Verhás (Tom Lantos Institute), Prof. Fernand de Varennes (Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues), Prof. Mohammad Shahabuddin (University of Birmingham), Prof. Corinne Lennox (University of London), Ms Marina Shupac (NewsMaker) and several Minority Fellows.