Rabih Haddad

Rabih Haddad was born in Beirut (1961), Rabih Haddad is a writer, a director and a consultant in communication and digital media. He teaches "Cinéma et Politique", "Communication politique" and "Mémoire de la guerre du Liban" at the Political Science Institute (Saint-Joseph University, Beirut).

He lived in Paris for 26 years where he created FranceWeb (1994) before heading the IT and Digital media division in Amaury Sport Organisation (le Tour de France, Paris-Dakar, etc.) for several years. He moved back to Beirut in early 2014.

Rabih is graduated from Saint-Joseph University (French literature, 1983), l’Ecole du Louvre (History of Art, 1985) and the Conservatoire of French Cinema (Movie Director, 1985).