Peter Seeberg

Peter Seeberg is professor at the Center for Contemporary Middle East Studies, at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

His areas of research are the EU and the Middle East: The development in the relations between the EU and the Middle East with a special focus on Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and the EU as actor; Migration and security in a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern perspective; European travellers in the Middle East: travel literature in the history of civilization and mentalities. 

Some of his recent publications include:

  • Seeberg, Peter & Federica Zardo (2022) From Mobility Partnerships to Migration Compacts: security implications of EU-Jordan relations and the informalization of migration governance, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 48(6), 1345-1362.
  • Seeberg, Peter & Völkel, Jan Claudius (eds., 2022) Arab responses to EU foreign and security policy incentives: Perspectives on migration diplomacy and institutionalized flexibility in the Arab Mediterranean turned upside down, Themed Section, Mediterranean Politics, 27(2), 135-147.
  • Seeberg, Peter (2022) Syrian refugees in Jordan and their integration in the labour market: Jordanian migration diplomacy and EU incentives, Mediterranean Politics, 27(2), 192-211.
  • Seeberg, Peter (2021) Neo-Ottoman expansionism beyond the borders of modern Turkey: Erdoğan’s foreign policy ambitions in Syria and the Mediterranean, De Europa, 4(1), 107-123.
  • Seeberg, Peter & Thorup, Mikkel (eds., 2020) Demokratiets krise og de nye autokratier, Århus Universitetsforlag.