Hajer Gueldich

Hajer Gueldich is a Full Professor in law at the University of Carthage (Tunisia), specialized in International law. She is also an elected Member of the African Union Commission on International law (AUCIL) (since 2015) and actually the Chairperson of the Commission. She was appointed as a member of the Team of experts of his Excellency Paul Kagame on the Institutional Reform of the African Union, since 2017.
Her thesis was discussed at the University of Carthage, since 2008 on the topic of “The right to interfere and humanitarian interventions : Dilemma of practice and International Law”.
Her experience in the field of teaching, since 1999, allowed her a large expertise and gave her the opportunity to do several publications in the fields of international law, humanitarian law, human rights, constitutional law, political science, Administrative Organization, Compared legal systems and transitional periods, in Tunisia and abroad.
Her contacts with the African Union, as she provides consulting in the field of International law, International criminal law and Integration law, allowed her to analyze different aspects of the African International law, especially within studies aiming to develop International law in the continent. She is also a visitor Professor at the Universities of Angers and Rennes (France), Venice and Siena (Italy), Saint Joseph (Lebanon), Laval University (Canada) and the Panafrican University (Cameroon) and has a permanent position at the University of Carthage.
She is the Director of the Center of research in International law, International jurisdictions and Comparative Constitutional Law- University of Carthage.