Gianluca Parolin

Gianluca Parolin is a comparative lawyer working on constitutional design, State-Islam relations, citizenship, shifting semiotics of law, and images of law in popular culture.

He is Professor of Law at AKU-ISMC in London, where he also leads the GovernanceProgramme. He previously taught at AUC and Cairo U (2008-2015). He holds a PhD in Public Law from the University of Turin (2006).

His current research interests heavily focus on questions of legal epistemology and transformations in the semiotics of law. Taking Egypt as a case study, he engages with two particular moments: an early articulation of a new semiotics for law and governance in the 19thcentury (from a manuscript translation of Machiavelli’s Prince in the 1820s to the early issues of the Official Gazette until the 1840s) and contemporary articulations of different semiotics of law in popular culture (current Ramadan TV series).