2022 Human Rights Projects

This year students implement three projects, one targeting vulnerable women, and two targeting refugee communities. 

"Period Poverty": Menstrual Hygiene as a Human Right. The project focused on raising awareness on reusable pads in order to empower women with very low income and help them in enjoying their rights to healthy periods. The group produced an educational video on how how to care for and clean reusable pads. The video was shared on social media. It was produced in Arabic and used a gender inclusive language, steering away from terminology that implies shame or stigma.

"Stories from the Camp": Storytelling capacity building for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon. Students organised two workshops for Palestinian refugee communities in Burj Al Barajneh camp south of Beirut: one for storytelling capacity building and one on podcast production. The project resulted in the production of a podcast and a sustainability plan through the purchasing of the needed software and equipment, and the establishment of a relationship with a local NGO that has taken over ownership of the equipment and software. 

Sensitising against Child Marriage in Syrian refugee communities. Early marriage is increasing among Syrian refugee children. The project raised awareness through workshops given to parents and children on the consequences and effects of early marriage on the future of children. It also helped children to visualise their dreams in an artistic manner.