Address of Mazen Shaqoura to ArMA Graduates

Mr. Mazen Shaqoura, Regional Representative of the Office of the High Commission for Human Rights, addressed the ArMA graduates during the graduation ceremony organised by the Global Campus Arab World. Here are some excerpts from his speech: 

"The challenges we face may seem daunting at times but let us remember that we are not alone. We are part of a global community of human rights defenders who share our passion and dedication. Together, we can amplify our voices and effect meaningful change"

"Unfortunately, in our region, Human Rights gains after 2011 are eroding, and we are witnessing more 'Security First" approaches. So it's important to focus and to fight for a human rights based approach in all governmental and non-governmental work". 

"Please treat Human Rights as chemistry rather than mathematics". "The world is now your canvas, and it is up to you to paint a future where human rights are not only lofty ideals but a lived reality for all". Check out the video for the rest of Mr Mazen Shaqoura message to the graduates of the ArMA programme. 

Graduation ceremony of the master’s in Human Rights and Democratisation, Institute of Political Science, 29th of September 2023, Medical Campus of Saint Joseph University of Beirut.