Address of H.E. Ralph Tarraf to ArMA Graduates

Commencement speech of H.E. M Ralph Tarraf, Head of the European Union's Delegation to Lebanon, during the graduation ceremony organised by the Global Campus Arab World. Graduation ceremony of the master’s in Human Rights and Democratisation, Institute of Political Science, 15th of July 2021, Medical Campus of Saint Joseph University of Beirut. Here are some excerpts from his speech: 

"The Global Campus of Human Rights is a unique network of universities around the world. The European Union is proud to support it, and help build the next generation of experts, academics and practitioners who understand and promote the respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law. I am saying this because the global trends are not favorable for these values to thrive. Today, human rights and democracy are being challenged and put into questions".

"I’m confident that by graduation from this master’s programme, you will be the best messengers of these principles. I am also hopeful that you will be able to spread your knowledge in your communities and enhance ownership of national human rights and democratisation agendas". 

"In every crisis there's an opportunity", check out what M. Ralph Tarraf has to say about the situation in Lebanon and the Arab region.